IT "geek squad" wins $319 million Mega Millions lottery

New York IT group will take $19.1 million each

Think they'll keep their day jobs? Seven IT workers from the state of New York will split last week's $319 million Mega Million lottery winnings. 

Reports say the self-described "geek squad," which ranges in age from 29 to 63 years old will be taking one time payments of $19.1 million each - not a bad days work in the data center.  

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From local  ABC7News: " They said they have not decided whether they will quit their jobs. But some say they will be spending their mega millions money on a dishwasher, tires and college educations for their children."

From the dumb moves department (actually ABC News): " Mike went to work today while seven of his co-workers went to the Lottery headquarters to pick up their checks for $19 million each. Mike and four others had opted not to pony up $2 to go in on the usual Mega Millions pool despite the $319 million jackpot.  "I just wasn't feeling lucky that day," said Mike, who declined to give his last name, during a break from his IT job at the Department of Housing and Community Renewal in Albany, N.Y.  He was so right. He is now considered the biggest loser. While Mike went to his office today, his seven lucky colleagues were celebrating their new mega wealth -- $19,129,571 each after taxes -- and Mike was delighted for them.  "These seven were the hardest working state employees I've ever come across, go getters," he said. "I'll be sad to see them leave. They were such great people." Mike said none of the five who opted out of the Mega Millions pool are "bitter or angry."

From Reuters: "While none of them went to work this week, the seven co-workers still have not decided whether to retire. One winner said staff training underway for years as part of a state emergency preparedness exercise left him assured that "the people who are there are very capable of picking up if we choose not to return."

From the New York Daily  News: "John Hilton, 57, of North Greenbush, N.Y., who was holding the winning Mega ticket, said he was so nervous when he realized they won that he sealed it in two plastic bags and hid it in the bucket of bird food he keeps in his basement. Hilton said that when he delivered the ticket to the lottery offices, he brought the feed with him."

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