Seagate slims down its GoFlex, but speed still rocks

Expand your tiny notebook with additional storage space

Seagate GoFlex Slim available

Thin is always in, whether you’re a supermodel, a notebook or even a portable external hard drive. Seagate today announced availability of its GoFlex Slim, a 9mm, 2.5-inch drive aimed at users of thin, stylish notebooks, or people who may still own a netbook. The GoFlex Slim comes with 320GB of storage capacity and costs about $100.

Seagate sent me a GoFlex Slim to test, but unfortunately it didn’t arrive in time for my big USB 3.0 external drive test/roundup. However, I ran the same benchmarks that I did for that test, and discovered that the 7200RPM GoFlex Slim performed as admirably as its larger-sized external drive brethren. With the CrystalDiskMark benchmark, I got 95.43 MB/sec. of read speeds, and 57.17 MB/sec. of write speeds. Moving to the Atto Benchmark, I was able to get 95.53 MB/sec. read, 55.40 MB/sec. of write speeds. In the “real world” test (drag-and-drop a folder from my notebook hard drive to the external), I got a 39.13MB/sec. transfer rate.

The drive comes with the Seagate Dashboard app, which monitors capacity and also includes some software – Memeo Backup and Memeo Sync, as well as trial versions of Memeo Share and Memeo Send. File encryption is also supported, and the drive will work with Windows and Mac systems interchangeably.

The Slim also supports Seagate’s GoFlex cabling feature, which means you can upgrade from USB 3.0 to a future-faster technology quickly and easily. I grabbed a GoFlex cable from an earlier Seagate drive (the very fat 1.5TB FreeAgent GoFlex), and the cable and port worked perfectly.

Capacity hounds may balk at getting only 320GB, when you can get more capacity (500GB or even 1TB in some cases) for about the same price. But if you are looking to extend storage for a tiny notebook, or you need the drive to look as tiny and fancy as said notebook, or if you need to fit a hard drive into a purse (see photo), then the Slim is a good option.

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