New Google feature blows lid off Obama birthplace lie

Why Google withheld Map Maker feature from Americans now central question

Americans beginning today are finally able to "collaboratively edit" the map of the United States that appears in Google Maps. This feature has been available to residents of 183 other countries since 2008, and in a moment you'll see why Google had been withholding this capability from us.

Here is a screen capture of the Google Maps depiction of the Western United States taken yesterday -- before the Map Maker feature was enabled:


And below today, after only a few hours of collaborative editing, is the same Google Maps depiction ... which blows completely out of the water any notion that President Obama was born in this country:

No Hawaii

Someone tell Trump.

(Update: It's a joke. And if you're feeling silly for not having realized that without being told, well, you should feel silly. I mean a gigantic Hawaii? Wiped off the map? And as for the wounded fellow in the comments section who wants me to label future jokes as such right from the start? He should feel silly, too, for making such a silly suggestion.)  

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