In The Cloud It Takes A Village

Logicworks, and Alert Logic team up to bring a state of the art cloud offering to market

Bringing a state-of-the-art cloud offering to market is not easy task. There is much more involved then just spinning up a VM server with some storage.  Logicworks has been a premier hosting provider for a long time. But when they decided to jump into the cloud market with their Infinicloud offering they turned to two trusted partners to help them.  

Alert Logic, a SaaS based security provider supplies over half of the leading hosting and cloud providers with security solutions. They had been working with Logicworks for some time in their traditional hosting business. So it was only natural that when Logicworks moved into cloud services they would continue to work with Alert Logic whose own services are optimized for the cloud and for working with hosting and cloud providers.  

For the underlying platform Logicworks, a big supporter and user of open source turned to an open source cloud platform solution. They chose Cloud Stack, from

I invited all three companies to explain how "it takes a village" to bring a cloud solution to market. Why virtually (no pun intended) no one provider can do it all themselves and how these three companies are working together to make it happen.

Peder Ulander, CMO of, Misha Govshteyn, co-founder of Alert Logic and Jason McKay, director of engineering join me in this great discussion.  It is a little long running about 25 minutes, but I think well worth the time.


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