Best Tidbit from Interop: Amazon is Hiring!

Regardless, a Great Sign of an Improving Economy

It's the last day of the Interop show, and I happened by the Amazon booth. They are hiring in IT groups all over Amazons business units. And when some of the folks working the booth flip their badges over, it says "we're hiring". And for what? Lots of things, but many look like good matches for anyone who's working towards their Cisco certs, at any level. For those of you who aren't regular readers, FYI, I don't write a lot about how to get a job after getting a certification, instead focusing on getting the technical knowledge. But this almost seemed too easy. Many of you look for jobs in IT. Amazon had a 3 page hand out that listed IT jobs, several of which specifically mention CCNA and CCNP. The jobs ranged from this requiring general computing skills, up through engineer and architect roles requiring CCIE level skills. And that was just one division (Fulfillment). Amazon has many other business units, including the Amazon Web Services group ( How to start? Just go to Also, one other tidbit. Several of the folks at the booth said that while they do compensate well, they only want the best. So the interview process is pretty rigorous. But don't let that stop you! I'd love to hear back if you contact them and make any progress. PS sorry about the formatting - posting from my iPad, and it doesn't work well with the blog posting interface.

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