My favorite Network World moment

My own personal Network World story

As Network World turned 25, we published a great collection of stories from reporters and editors about great moments working here, both professional and personal. I should have written my story, too, because Network World helped change my life. It was October 1998, and I had just started at Network World a couple of months before as a reporter covering network management software. I was at NetWorld+Interop in Atlanta. (Remember when it was “N+I”? Remember when it was in Atlanta?) Some news had broken – and to be honest, I can’t even remember what the news was. One of the other reporters was covering the story, and needed input from big network management software vendors on their take. So, I left the press room to seek out Computer Associates and HP. HP gave me a short answer at their booth, essentially a “no comment.” Computer Associates had set up its own press room, and as I walked down the hallway toward it, I saw a beautiful woman standing in the doorway. Now, everyone has their own path to love, and one is not any better than another. Ours was like a lightning bolt, and when we shook hands, I noticed she didn’t want to let go. She was the PR representative for CA, and moments later she had arranged for me to sit down with one of their executives. So there we are, the three of us, sitting on stools around one of those bar-height tables. The executive is going on and on. I’m not taking many notes, in part because I only needed a quote or two for the story, and also because part of my brain is trying to figure out how to ask her out, and, you know, be smooth about it. She told me later that she was fumbling with her business cards under the table trying to make sure I got her number. As I was leaving, I managed to ask her to dinner that night, and it turned out she was free. Long story short, Claudine and I are about to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and are just as much in love as ever. Now that’s what I call networking.


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