World IPv6 Day: Status report and how to test your connection

UPDATED 6/9/11: Yesterday was World IPv6 Day. I've collected a few resources for you to keep trackto see what happened including the Internet Society's tool to test your Internet connection, and graphics and dashboards that provide traffic reports. Interesting stuff.

EXPERT ANALYSIS: IPv6 guru Scott Hogg on World IPv6 Day Results

First things first ... if you want to find out your own IPv6 readiness and connectivity, use this test. My home office is on a Comcast connection and even though Comcast has a massive IPv6 trial going on (recently expanded), alas, my connection isn't part of it yet. I do have an IPv6 address, run through the Teredo service, an IPv4/IPv6 gateway, but I can't see IPv6-only sites ... yet. :(

So, how's the rest of the Internet doing? Arbor Networks was monitoring:

IPv6 Arbor Networks

Here's a snapshot from Arbor at the conclusion of World IPv6 Day of the native IPv6 traffic.

IPv6 Arbor Networks

Other dashboards:

Internet Society's dashboard of IPv6 DNS records

World IPv6 Day Path MTU Discovery Dashboard: This dashboard includes a long list of official participants in World IPv6 Day and the status of their connections updated hourly. 94% of the sites test are problem free, meaning 6% of websites may have IPv6 Path MTU discovery problems.


RIPE NCC World IPv6 Day Dashboard: The RIPE NCC is monitoring many of the participating websites from a number of vantage points. As of now, it is measuring 54 participants from 40 vantage points, and we have processed 5,047,541 measurements.

There are some spectacular dashboards on the RIPE World IPv6 page. Here's one example:


Also check out the RIPE NCC End-user Connectivity Checker

Akamai IPv6 Statistics:

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