The lighter side of World IPv6 Day


The Network World homepage has all the serious coverage of World IPv6 Day that anyone could possibly want.

So let's turn to Twitter and YouTube for the more elusive IPv6 chuckles.

@jack_daniel tweets: "Wow, already out of cranberry juice at the office. I guess IPv6 is a real issue."

@inthefade advises: "Make sure to call your doctor and get tested for IPv6 today."

@bgracely is taking it out on his kids: "My 6yr & 5yr old are not happy that I will only respond to them this morning if they address me by my IPv6 address."

@CiscoSecurity declares victory: "It's IPv6 Day. If you are reading this, things haven't broken too badly!"

And my personal favorite, from Network World colleague @JBrodin: "Got up early to see what was under the IPv6 tree... sooooo disappointing."

Over at YouTube, more than 600,000 have already watched this classic performance of "The Day the Routers Died" by Gary Feldman, but it is particularly apt viewing today. (Warning: it's about as long as American Pie.)

And it's worth noting - very much worth noting -- that this "We gotta go IPv6 or else" video was uploaded a long, long time ago ... on Oct. 26, 2007.

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