Scrollbars Missing on iPad 2 in SharePoint (problem solved!)

I was just asked how one can scroll around on a Webpage in SharePoint using an Apple iPad 2?  The problem is that when you go to a SharePoint site that is optimized for a screen size greater than what the iPad screen provides, or if the document library or whatever is just long and you want to "scroll down" to the rest of the content in the library (or list), Safari on the iPad doesn't give you the scrollbars on the side of the screen to scroll around.

While there's a posting on D'Technology's website that provides a workaround that basically forces the iPad to go into "mobile mode" on the SharePoint page, which users complain that they want to see the full page view, not the mobile mode view, here's an EASY solution!

Put TWO fingers on the screen and scroll around to see the whole page… It’s an iPad Safari issue, the scroll bars don’t appear because iPad Safari tells SharePoint to ignore the scroll bars, that it (the iPad) will allow the scrolling.  And if you just put 1 finger on the iPad screen and try to move it around, it moves around just the window, doesn’t “scroll”.

BUT if you put 2 fingers on the iPad screen and then move your fingers around, you’ll be able to move around the entire page (right, left, up, down) as you would expect…

It’s a little tricky, if you drop 2 fingers on the screen and then “pinch” a little, then it doesn’t “scroll”. You have to drop 2 fingers on the screen and not pinch or anything and just move your 2 fingers around equally, and you'll see the iPad Safari screen scroll you around the "whole page".

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