Scenes from an IPv6 Day Barbecue

IPv6 burgers on a grill

Sure, there was some serious business during yesterday’s World IPv6 Day festivities, but if you’re enjoying the nice pre-summer weather here in New England, why not combine this with an outdoor barbecue?

That’s what the folks at Lebanon, N.H.-based InterMapper did, by holding a cookout to help raise awareness for IPv6 issues. The network monitoring software maker served up IPv6 burgers and sausage, 128 (bacon) bits as condiments, and served IPA beer as part of the festivities. An IPv6-enabled Wi-Fi hotspot was set up during the event for people to test out different websites for compatibility.

The company also posted an FAQ on IPv6 on its blog, as well as provided a tool to validate whether an IP address is properly formatted for IPv6. The company says its InterMapper software has supported IPv6 since May 2008.

Here are some photos from the event – looks like a good time was had by all.

Sausage, anyone? At first glance, it looks like they’re spelling IPub, but this sausage is actually spelling out IPv6. It’s tough to make a V with a sausage, I guess.

IPv6 sausage

Mmmmm, bacon bits The 128 (bacon) bits adorn these nice burgers.

128 bacon bits on an IPv6 burger

Plate spinning? Sure: I’m not sure what plate spinning has to do with IPv6, but sure, let’s go with it (maybe they’re preventing the internet from “crashing”).

Plate spinning at IPv6 barbecue

Group photo: The employees at InterMapper pose for a group shot before the IPv6 barbecue takes place.

Group photo of InterMapper employees at IPv6 barbecue

Special thanks to Wendie Larkin and David Levy for the photos!

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