Tough-as-nails phone vs. a bad-ass blender

It turns out that much like beauty, blending is in the eye of the beholder.

In this case, that means we have both the makers of the Sonim XP3300 cell phone - renowned for its virtual indestructibility - and the Total Blender Wildside by Blendtec claiming their machines came out on top in Blendec's latest "Will it Blend" challenge.

Sonim looks to have the better case, but judge for yourself:

On YouTube, Blendtec does acknowledge that its blender "has finally met (its) match," but also claims the phone "mostly blended."

Didn't look that way to my eyes.

And, in a press release, Sonim boasts that "even after (the) 30-second test, the phone still rang, could make and receive phone calls."  

Bob Plaschke, CEO of Sonim adds triumphantly: "I've seen people try to destroy our phone a number of ways, but this one takes the cake! Remember, our phones are backed by Sonim's industry-leading 3-Year Comprehensive Warranty, covering not only manufacturer's defects but also accidental damage, but not blenders."

The number of different ways include:

Grilling, which resulted in unconscionable collateral damage against perfectly good meat:

A cement mixer:

And, a washing machine:

The last one isn't all that impressive given that even my cheap phone managed to survive the same indignity.

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