Free cloud-based device configuration tool keeps networks compliant

Intelliden iAudit validates network device configuration against Cisco and Juniper guidelines to ensure policy-based and regulatory compliance.

Imagine being able to check network device configurations against guidelines set by the equipment makers themselves, Cisco and Juniper in particular. Imagine being able to validate these configurations without installing any software on-premise. Now imagine being able to do this for free. That's what Intelliden is offering with the launch of iAudit, a cloud-based application that validates device configuration against internal and vendor-defined policies.

Effectively enforcing password policies and audits

The network configuration management vendor Wednesday made available the application it says can be used to validate devices against internal or vendor-based policies as well as help eliminate some of the need for manual or script-based network compliance checks. Currently available for Cisco IOS-based and Juniper JUNOS-based routers, iAudit uses vendor-set guidelines for ACL, interface, Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and security best practices recommended by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to check compliance of network device configuration.

Network managers can generate reports regarding policies, pass/fail results, description of policy checks and impact assessments. Intelliden executives say the free on-demand application provides a lot of value to network engineers.

"We created Intelliden iAudit to highlight the importance of regular and on-going validation of network device configurations against regulatory mandates, security policies and internal operational and engineering standards," said Nick Abbott, vice president of services and support at Intelliden, in a statement. "Incorrectly configured networks can result in outages, performance degradation, security vulnerabilities and breaches of regulatory mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI/DSS and HIPAA."

The vendor says iAudit requires nothing to be downloaded, installed or configured. Network managers interested in the application log in and then receive access to sample device configuraitons, FAQs and end-user instructions. Intelliden posted a demonstration of iAudit on YouTube.

For more information on Intelliden's iAudit, visit the vendor's Web site here.

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