iland Workforce CLoud pt.III: My walk in the 'CLOUD'

My impressions of the iland Workforce Cloud

Yesterday I posted my interview with Dante and Justin from iland (read the interview) . I wanted to spend sometime today talking about the demo they setup for me to take a look at the iland Workforce Cloud. First off, I wanted to thank iland for the “test drive” of the Workforce Cloud. I have to say the very first thing I noticed about the product was how easy it was to get setup and started. In fact, the ½ hour conference call that was setup to help me through getting into the Workforce Cloud lasted 2 minutes. If you have ever used Remote Desktop or the Citrix ICA client signing in is not much different. The desktop experience is pretty much the same as well. However, there were some very notable differences between this product and the other two. To begin with my printers and external hard drive were located and mapped without any trouble whatsoever. A unique feature of the Workforce Cloud is USB redirection… the ability to attach any USB device and use it without any administrative setup was really cool. The test drive I took featured a Windows SBS which allowed me to experience what it would be like to manage users in the cloud as well. In everyway the look feel and response was like being inside my server room. All the while I was aware of the fact that this environment had one thing I could never support in an SMB or smaller enterprise…iland has a super redundant environment. Not only is the Workforce Cloud backed by a server farm, SAN farm and multiple 10Gig fabric into the datacenter. But the datacenters themselves are spread throughout the US and London. This is redundancy at its best; few organizations could afford to put this kind of infrastructure in place for their own needs. I took the opportunity during my test drive to connect in my house, on the road, even while I was out of town for a family wedding. It was nice to always feel connected and never worry about when I would be back at the home office to get things to a secure location. This is the ultimate tool for the working road warrior. And yes, you can work remotely and securely with Remote Desktop Services and Citrix. But with features like PCoIP, which provides a richer desktop experience (and can let you even stream video), it is easy to see how the Workforce Cloud provides a superior experience. Shortly after test driving the Workforce Cloud for myself, iland began offering a two week test drive for those who want to take a closer look. Click here to try it today, I think you will easily be impressed by the ability to deploy a secure, remote, cloud-based solution that does not have a huge price tag attached.

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