A Better Windows World Tool Library - The Finale'

This will be my last library update and my last regular post...

Well all good things must come to an end they say and so I have to say goodbye. Although I will not be posting regularly anymore I will drop by as a ‘guest blogger’ from time to time. I thought it would be great to end with my final update to the tools library. So here is the last library update all 198 tools I have blogged about ( good and bad) in the last 20 months. I just want to thank everyone who read my blog and allowed me to make your world…. A Better Windows World Tool Names: A-Z Acronis Snap Deploy 3 Adesso WKB-3000 Adesso WKB-4000BB AJAX Toolkit Alfresco Altiris Software Virtualization Solution Amazon Kindle Angry IP Scanner AppDeploy Repackager Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) Attachmore Audacity AutoMAID (Massive Array of Inactive Disks) Automise 2 AxCrypt Bacula Bochs Boot Disks Civil Netizen ClamWin AV ClamWin Portable ClipTraining Cobian Backup CodySafe Admin Pack CoffeeCup Web Designer Colligo Reader Compiere 3.0 Community Kit for SharePoint DAVE Deskspace Dia Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) DGard Network Manager dotReader DNS Goodies DUDE (The) EasyBCD Emotiv Epoch Eraser ESF Database Migration Toolkit EventID.net everRun 2G Exchange Best Practices Analyzer (ExBPA) ExMon ExRCA Exchange 2007 Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator Exchange 2010: Jetstress 2010 Beta Exchange 2010: Load Generator 2010 Beta Excito Bubba Server FileExt Filezilla Server FireFox FlexTKUltimate FOG FreeNAS FreeNATS GIMP 2 GParted Live Greenshot GroundWork Monitor H-Inventory Helpdesk VNC Hiveword Hyena Hyena 8.0 Hyperic HQ ICEcore iland Workforce Cloud Imtech Mobile SharePoint Inkscape Internet Explorer 8 Beta2 Internet Storm Center (ISC) jNetStream Joomla! Juice Keepass Kismet KontrolPack 2.0 LAN Flow Net Diagrammer LifeRay LikeWise Enterprise MailArchiva Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) Microsoft Security Baseline Analyzer (MSBA) Mobile Net Switch Mremote MS Sync Toy 2.0 My SQL Netinfo Net Orbit NetStumbler No Clone 2007 Numara's Track-IT NVIDIA ION OCS 2007 R2 Office 2010 Environment Assessment Tool Open Office 3 Open Office Portable OpenProj OpenVPN Open IT Online Orion Network Monitor PA Server Monitor Pro PageNest Paglo Panda Cloud Antivirus Password Reminder PRO PCDecrapifier Pentaho Performance Analysis of Logs Performance Point Server 2007 Perspective Network Management phpMyAdmin PINS Podcasting Kit for SharePoint PolicyPak Ports Database PowerGUI PresenterNet PsKill QueryShark RAC Server/Client R- Studio ReactOS Recover My Files Recuva Remote Desktop Services Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 RemShutdown Reply DSM Role-Based Templates for SharePoint My Sites RSSOWL SCMDM 2008 Secunia NSI Servers Check SharedPlan Pro SharePoint Branding Tool SharePoint 2007 Features Kit SharePoint Instant List Filter SharePoint Learning Kit SharePoint Tool Basket ShieldsUp! Silverlight Toolkit Site Provisioning Assistant Size Explorer Skype Slide Rocket Smart Tools for SharePoint Spiceworks SQL Server Best Practices Analyzer (SQLBPA) SQL Server 2008 R2 Steel Run As Sugar CRM SystemUp Eraser 2009 Tasks List Terminals Thunderbird TipCam ToolbarToggle TrueCrypt USB Lock RP User State Migration Tool (USMT) vConverter VideoLAN VirtuaWin VisualRoute 2009 VMyths Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) Wall Cooler VPN WAPT We-Fi WFilter Wimba Classroom WinAudit WinDirStat Windows 7 Windows 8 (128-bit) Windows Deployment Services (WDS) Windows 2008 Server Core Configurator Windows in a Box Win SCP Windows Meeting Space Windows Mobile 6.5 Windows Server 2008 R2: Security Changes and Additions Part I Windows Server 2008 R2: Security Changes and Additions Part II Windows Server 2008 R2: Security Changes and Additions Part III Windows Small Business Server 2008 Windows Steady State Windows Vista Snipping Tool WireShark Xobni xTuple ERP xTuple OPEN RPT Zenoss Core Zimbra Collaboration Suite Zope

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