Free advice: Don't ever do this while at work and on live TV

Inappropriate use of company-issued PC doesn't get much more obvious

We all watch these interviews all the time on the business news channels: A reporter asks questions of a financial expert while the expert's workplace colleagues can be seen in the background sitting at their computers and working diligently.

However, in the clip above, the co-worker of an Australian banker is caught with his nose nowhere near the grindstone.

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Now, as the video shows (starts about 1 minute in; enlarge screen for a better view) the chap was not looking at pornographic images, but they were pictures of a topless yet discretely posed supermodel -- Miranda Kerr -- as she appeared in the pages of a recent edition of GQ.

In and of itself, this would be no big deal in other than the most restrictive of workplaces, such as, oh say, a bank. At a bank on live TV? Bigger deal.

An Australian newspaper account of the incident carried this priceless headline: "Macquarie Bank adviser caught assessing Kerr's assets."

According to that story: "Macquarie said it was now investigating the matter. 'Macquarie takes matters such as the unacceptable use of technology extremely seriously,' it said. 'Macquarie has strict policies in place surrounding the use of technology and the issue arising from today's live cross on 7 News is being dealt with internally.' "

Hope the fellow has his resume in order.

Last point of note: While the banker spoke oblivious to the scene unfolding behind him, note that the screen featured these words: "Official interest rate remains unchanged at 3.75.%."

Now that this clip has hit YouTube, I'm guessing the unofficial interest rate will be considerably higher.

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