Cisco IP phones praised in email to then Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and First Dude, Todd Palin

Finally, the House will have decent phones instead of ones that are one step above the rotary dial!

In collaboration with, Crivella West Incorporated - a knowledge discovery company, digitized, analyzed and arranged this e-mail collection of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, First Dude Todd Palin and 7 members of Palin's staff. In the following internal email dated May 7, 2007 addressed to then Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (email address: and First Dude Todd Palin (email address:, Erika Fagerstrom - Executive Residence Manager & Assistant to the First Gentleman Alaska Governor's House, praised the installation of new Cisco IP Phones in the Alaska Governor's Mansion:

Source: Crivella West Incorporated

Do you agree with me that the above email is a great endorsement for Cisco IP Phones?

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