How is the CCDE Coming Along?

It's Been Over a Year and There are Still Only 10 CCDEs

It's been a tad over a year now since I found out I passed the CCDE as part of the first beta group. A couple weeks ago I got an interesting e-mail about the Cisco Certified Architect Certification. It said all Cisco Certified Architect Board Exam slots for February have already been filled. This was sort of shocking for two reasons. First is the $15,000 cost per Certified Architect Board Exam attempt, which I blogged about before. That's big hurdle for people or companies to vault, especially in this economy. The second reason is the lack of possible candidates for the board exam. Based on the unofficial - but usually accurate CCIE Hall of Fame site - there are only 18 CCDEs. Plus, the first eight are internal Cisco engineers who developed the CCDE. So, there are only 10 external candidates who could even take the board exam. We're not all pen pals, but who do communicate. I have not heard of any of us attempting - let alone even contemplating - the board exam. This also makes me wonder how well the CCDE is doing. To only have 10 CCDEs after a year of testing and nearly 3 years of hype, doesn't seem good. Not sure if Cisco had expected this outcome, but I have a feeling their goals were more than 10. I know some very smart people who have tried the CCDE a few times and have moved on after not passing. Where does this put the CCDE? Is it on course for future growth? Or will it wither taking along with the Cisco Certified Architect which requires the CCDE?

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