Applying a reality test to Google's super-fast 'Net plan

“If this were easy, everybody would be doing it"

So Google wants to bring a gigabit per second into your home, my home, and presumably, most homes. Audacious? Yes. Admirable? Sure. Doable?

From a Dow Jones story on the Wall Street Journal's site:

Industry executives and analysts say Google's plan, announced on a blog post Wednesday morning, sounded long on promise and short on detail. They were quick to point out that Google has little experience in the slow, laborious and expensive task of upgrading networks.

"If this were easy, everybody would be doing it," said one industry executive, who asked not to be named. He noted Google doesn't have experience sending trucks and technicians to people's homes or sending out monthly bills.

The story goes on to address a number of practical obstacles that Google will face and doesn't even mention another: politics.

Doesn't mean the company can't pull it off, but to move this effort beyond the experimental stage will certainly test the notion that Google can do whatever it wants with the proper commitment.  

Network World's story about Google's gambit is here. You can read Google's blog post announcing its plan here.

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