Upgrading from the DPM 2010 Beta to RC

Understanding how to upgrade Data Protection Manager 2010 Beta to the newly release RC.

Microsoft's Data Protection Manager 2010 RC has been out in the wild for a couple weeks now. DPM backup & recovery tool from Microsoft, for Windows environments

If you are interested here is the link (check it out): Link. Needless to say, we have had a couple of customers running the DPM 2010 Beta to protect data within their organizations. That being said, we now have a couple of customers that want to upgrade their DPM 2010 Beta installations to the RC version. I do not know about you, but from a personal perspective I always seem be running on some Beta of RC. Whether it is the RC of Windows 7 (that I just replaced with the RTM), a user debug build of Android, the Beta of Office 2010, and so on. All of my gadgets and computing devices seem to be in a perpetual state of Alpha, Beta, RC, and sometimes RTM.

So… like most Beta testers, I often feel the pain when it comes to upgrading my various digital things through the various states of software builds. While sometimes the upgrade process is simple, and only requires installing the new build of something. Simple is rare, and in most cases, there is no feasible upgrade process or the process is so painful only a person desiring self-torture would venture down that path.

But, I diverge. Back to my impending DPM 2010 RC upgrade predicament. Considering that testing the upgrade process on a live customer might not be best practice, I decided to instead perform some testing in a lab environment. To tell you the truth, I pleasantly surprised. It seems that the DPM product team, ensured that the Beta to RC upgrade path was extremely simple. To complete an upgrade, you just run the setup program. Provided you are running DPM on a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine and prepared your SQL Server instance with the new binaries. The setup wizard completes the upgrade process without a hitch. Once you are done, you just pop into the DPM Administrator Console and update the protection agent on all of the protected machines.

**Bam you are done**

I really wish that all upgrades were that simple. In fact, when going from a Beta, to RC, and to RTM all products should support a simplified upgrade process. After all, Beta (thanks to Google) is the new RTM. Therefore, my hat is off to the DPM product team. Thanks for making my life simple.

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