Cell-phone gabber in fast-food line gets his just deserts

And please read to the bottom of this post before asserting your superior spelling skills

A post here last week - 'The Soup Nazi' wouldn't have needed one of these signs - pointed to a collection of placards placed near cash registers to snap customers out of their phone-induced stupors and into concentrating on communicating their orders. A comment on that post struck me as far too amusing to be denied more prominent display.  Buzzblog regular "Stew" writes:

"I witnessed a great incident at a fast-food joint a couple of weeks ago.  The customer was talking on the phone while he placed his order.  During his phone conversation he happened to speak the number 16.  And yes, you guessed it, the guy ended up with 16 No. 4 combo meals!  It was so great everyone in line started clapping."

I hadn't guessed it, but I'm clapping, too.

(Update: More details in the comments.)

(Note: Before anyone accuses me of yet another misspelling in a headline, please note that multiple sources on the always-reliable Internet make clear that the correct spelling is "just deserts" -- as in that which is deserved - as opposed to "just desserts," as in the bakery carries just desserts. ... Also, you may find interesting the fact that there is an expression - an Internet meme, if you will - that describes the ascendancy of an incorrect spelling such as "just desserts" to replace the real deal: They're called egg corns . It's true what they say about learning something new every day.)

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