I have absolutely nothing to say about the iPad

No, seriously, not a single thought worth sharing

Zip, nada, bupkis.

Under the circumstances, I suppose I should be clearing out my desk instead of writing this confession. After all, I am employed by a trade publication dedicated to technology, yet on the eve of the most important product launch since -- well, since whatever Apple released last -- I find myself utterly bereft of anything to add to the cacophony of press coverage.

Thirty years of writing opinions for a living and I pick now to draw a blank?

(2010's 25 Geekiest 25th Anniversaries)

Yes, I am already on record as having no desire to buy an iPad. That partially explains my dereliction, although lack of personal experience has rarely kept my two cents pocketed in the past. (Neither has having not a clue, my detractors are sure to note.)

And it is not as though Network World's coverage of the iPad rides on my disinterested shoulders; we have a gadget guy, Keith Shaw, who is anxiously awaiting delivery of one to call his very own. He said I can try his if I want ... Well, yeah, maybe, if I can find the time.

I even considered doing one of those "10 Reasons I Don't Care About the iPad" kind of lists - just to get myself out on the playing field -- but couldn't muster enough interest to get beyond No. 3.

At least this means I can spend Saturday with my family instead of in line with an Apple congregation.

Hope I still have a job come Monday, though.

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