Sorry to say good-bye

All good things must come to an end, even a popular blog

The editors here at Network World are sorry to say good-bye to Brad Reese and his popular On Cisco blog. Brad has been a staple here at Cisco Subnet for three years. During that time, he has covered every aspect of the Cisco landscape, never failing to intrigue readers with his often controversial style. But all good things run their course and Brad has decided that it was time to dedicate more time to his business ventures.

Michael Thompson
Although no one can fill Brad's shoes, Cisco Subnet has another great blogger as a replacement. Michael Thompson is writing the new Perspective on Cisco blog ( subscribe). Thompson (pictured) is an IT professional who has worked at various user organizations for the past 30 years, from small business to multinational corporations, and at all levels of government, from city to federal.  Mike holds two CompTIA certifications, an A+ PC Technician and a Network+.  He is currently studying for his second whack at the CCNA. He brings a sharp wit, and a been-there-done-that understanding to his blog. He invites you to discuss his ideas and yours.

His first blog is a look at a situation that has been plaguing Cisco for years, the patent troll:

A classless action? Attorney sues Cisco, others for patent infringement on IPTV, other devices

Thomas Simonian is taking a shotgun approach in a lawsuit against goliath Cisco, going for class-action status, but could he be just another troll?

Thompson asks, "If they didn’t have to spend millions defending against patent trolls, how could Cisco put that money toward bettering it's products or supporting it's customers?" (Think about it, and post your thoughts on his blog. )

Of course, if you need a Brad Reese fix, we will continue to host the archived content of his posts here on Cisco Subnet. And you can find more on the Website.

So, please drop by Michael Thompson's Perspective on Cisco blog ... you'll find the conversation there has already begun.

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