Remembering the Cisco 9A5

Trip down memory lane offers unexpected twists and turns

Paul Hoffman, director of the VPN Consortium and an IETF regular, recently posted an item to his private blog that begins:

Some early Cisco hardware

I recently received the technical specs and schematics for the Cisco model 9A5. The Internet community might benefit from seeing the internals of this hardware, and I didn't see them online anywhere else. The hardware certainly seems more primitive than I would have expected from Cisco.

You can see the specs and schematics here.

After checking them out myself, I was curious enough about the 9A5's history to do a little online searching and came across this newsletter (.pdf) account that begins days after Charles Lindbergh's transatlantic flight and rolls right on through post-World War II America's love affair with the automobile. (You'll need to scroll down to Page 7 of the .pdf to an article written by Marv Beeferman.)

What? You say Cisco wasn't even around back then?

Don't let that fact get in the way of a good story.

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