A new take on cloud security … from Hitler

Let’s just say it turns out that he’s not a fan

Yes, these "Hitler finds out" parodies are getting old - so old, in fact, that even the Wall Street Journal has gotten around to writing about the meme.

Rarely, however, have practitioners of the genre gotten their inner geek on quite in the way that Marcus Ranum and Gunnar Peterson do here when Hitler finds out that there are issues surrounding cloud computing and security.

As noted above, these parodies have proliferated wildly on YouTube - search "Hitler finds out" - and the topics are usually pegged to current events, celebrities and gaming. However, there are other examples involving technology, if you have yet to have your fill, you might want to check out these examples: (Caution regarding NSFW language: Hitler curses like a madman, so while the audio on these clips may in German, the subtitles are not.)

(2010's 25 Geekiest 25 Anniversaries)

In this one, Hitler's T3 connection to the Internet is down and you get to hear the dictator toss around techie acronyms like NAT.

Here we find out that Hitler wants in on Google's new gigabit-speed Internet service.

Even Hitler has an opinion about the iPad.

And Vista. (He seems not much fond of Microsoft, in general.)

You wouldn't want to be around Hitler when he learns that he won't be getting his iPhone 3GS.

And it's at least twice that for Twitter.

Finally, if you've never seen/heard the original scene upon which most of the parodies are based, you can view it here with the real subtitles.

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