Doing the Laptop Drive of Shame, Part III

Good thing the kids weren’t in the car to hear me curse

Again? Honestly, this is the last thing I would have wanted to write about this morning.

Longtime readers may remember a post I wrote in July 2008 that was headlined: Doing the Laptop Drive of Shame. The piece was about the all-too-prevalent occurrence of arriving at one's workplace while one's employer-issued laptop remains at home wondering why it didn't make the trip.

What with the experience being so universal, the post was picked up by Slashdot and passed around plenty. Eventually, the phrase "laptop drive of shame" made its way into the Urban Dictionary, giving me my lone claim to having originated an Internet meme.

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It was great fun, at least until a few months later - when for the very first time - I myself did The Laptop Drive of Shame.

That was almost a year-and-a-half ago.

Moments ago we experienced the first leg of shameful drive number two.

Call me cowardly, but this one I'm blaming on the children, two of whom were sparring at the breakfast table over one's contention that he had actually been inside the school they are to attend next year, as opposed to merely having seen the building (parents will appreciate the "weightiness" of this type of argument). I was asked to referee ... just as I was slipping my laptop into its case.

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Halfway to work, I noticed the empty passenger seat. Much cursing ensued.

And so I sit, back at the breakfast table, pecking out this confession. ... At least the school bus picked up the kids while I was gone.

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