Video proves there really are two sides to every story

And “The Future of Publishing” depends on which way you look at it

Even though this is a topic - "The Future of Publishing" -- about which I care deeply, I'm recommending that you watch this video more for the method of its production than the message it contains. It's only 2 minutes and 26 seconds and you have to hang in for the first half and a little more to appreciate what's going on:

Pretty clever, huh. The clip was produced by the British arm of Dorling Kindersley Books for an internal sales conference, but reaction to it was so positive the company let it loose on YouTube.

And if you're saying, "Hey, I know they ripped off that idea because I've seen it before," you are correct and the creator of the video readily acknowledges as much in this interview:

DK Marketing in the UK had asked us to make a film for their conference in February, about how publishing would look in the future. We took inspiration from a film we had seen on YouTube called "The Lost Generation" and suggested this might work as a treatment for the DK film, which we called "The End of Publishing".

Here's "Lost Generation," which was made for the AARP, posted to YouTube on Nov. 30, 2007, and viewed by an impressive 12.7 million people since then.

But "Lost Generation" was a borrowed idea as well, having been inspired by a political TV ad from Argentina that won an award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006. Here's the English version of that clip:

RECREAR - The Truth - (2006) 2:20 (Argentina)

And how difficult is it to pull off one of these dual-message creations? The creator of the one about publishing explains:

Close to four days by the time it was finished.  The structure of the forwards and backwards message presented its own unique challenges, and this was amplified by the fact that certain specific information had to be included. It was a delicate house of cards that could have fallen at any time as a result of the addition or removal of a single line of text.

Might be fun to give it a try ... or not.

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