Collaboration Improving Productivity

A small but growing number of companies are developing quantifiable metrics

As the number of distributed locations continues to grow, often we’ll see the number of collaboration tools an organization deploys grow as well. More than half of Nemertes research participants are deploying applications, such as Web conferencing and instant messaging, to meet their collaboration requirements. Organizations increasingly are quantifying the value to the organization of their investments in collaboration. Although many still rely on the vague “improved productivity” to gauge the success of their efforts, a small but growing number of companies are developing quantifiable metrics including:

-Hard savings from travel reductions. Typically these include the use of video or Web conferencing as an alternative to in-person meetings, thus eliminating travel costs and saving time otherwise spent traveling between locations.

-Reduced project times as a result of improved external collaboration, leveraging inter-company services to shorten production cycles, better manage supply lines, and improve project and customer management.

-Increased business close rate as a result of implementing a Just-in-Time-Fetch-the-Expert approach using collaboration tools such as VOIP, presence, conferencing, and instant messaging.

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