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Growing UC adoption creates a challenge for IT

Growing UC adoption creates a challenge for IT, as applications often exist in isolation, deployed and managed separately. Add end-users’ high expectations of application performance, regardless of where they work, when, or from which device—and with no concern for increased complexity or shrinking staffs. To meet growing demands, organizations increasingly are evaluating their UC application deployment, monitoring and management options. There are three options: On-premise, with internal management (build-your-own UC); On-premise, with third-party management (managed UC); Fully outsourced (hosted UC). To decide which is most appropriate, companies must consider capital and operational costs, management flexibility, and scalability. Should an organization decide to keep everything in house, IT must possess the capabilities to identify and measure the performance of collaborative applications across the network, using specialized monitoring tools. Where distances are long, networks are iffy, or bandwidth is limited, they may require optimization tools as well. They also must be trained on the technology, be able to determine metrics for management, and have the time to provide support.


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