SMBs Turn to Managed Services

Many SMBs are considering third-party support

It’s a challenging time for anyone responsible for providing IT services, regardless of company size. IT budgets have been slashed across the board. Business leaders are mandating that all groups tighten their budgets, requiring IT leaders to do more with less staff, budget and internal expertise. This can be quite a challenge, especially for small to midsize (SMBs) businesses that often work with already minimal IT staffs. Deployment of new, complex technologies, especially unified communications and collaboration tools, only exacerbates the problem. As a result, many SMBs are considering third-party support. Even those that traditionally kept services “in house” are assessing whether to selectively outsource day-to-day monitoring and management to third parties, to take advantage of the predictable monthly expense that managed services offer, and be able to move internal staff to higher-business-value positions.

Sixty percent of companies overall plan to increase their use of managed services this year, and those using managed services use a total of four, on average. In general, SMBs adopt managed services less frequently than larger organizations, with the exception of managed security services (MSS), where they are adopting at essentially the same rate: 46% of SMBs adopt versus 47% of all enterprises. This trend ties to the primary drivers for MSS adoption: Lack of skillset and cost reduction—two issues that affect all sizes of organization.

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