I Got an iPad


Yes, I waited in the brutal line in the driving rain yesterday for 6 hours...... Ok.....actually, I got there around 8 AM, found a chair to sit in and listened to and read news on my iPhone during a beautiful Saturday morning (about 65 degrees and sunny in North Carolina). About 9 AM the Apple Store employees brought drinks and snacks for us waiting in line. Yeah, I was roughing it! Anyways, got in around 10:30 AM and bought two 16GB WiFi models (the other if for my father). Got home and started playing with it. Some initial observations:

  • It's a tad heavier than I expected. It's not as heavy as a hard covered Cisco Press book, more like a "Dummies" paperback book (yes, I just happen to have a Dummies book lying around, so that is my scientific comparison). Still light enough to hold in two hands while you sit down. Resting on your arched legs is helpful too.
  • Syncing up with the new iTunes version is easy, but you might not want to click the option to "sync all music, apps, and pictures". I did and every one of my iPhone apps ended up on the iPad along with 10GB of music. Had to clean the apps out during the evening (the music was easy to remove with another sync).
  • There are some very good apps in the AppStore for the iPad and searching for any app puts the iPad available ones at the top. Very easy to pick the right version.
  • Google Maps is awesome.
  • I like the Wireless-N, but haven't been able to connect it to my home wireless-N network. I have G and N running simultaneously, but I run N in 5 GHz mode. I wonder if the iPad can only do N in the 2.4 GHz range? The tech specs page doesn't say. Something to play with later.
  • USA Today's iPad App is very nice. Gives you the feeling of a specific app with proper movements, similar for the WSJ, but the WSJ's isn't free (for long). This is the type of reading I expect on an iPad.
  • I've already loaded some Cisco PDFs into the iPad using GoodReader to start studying for my CCDE recert (yes, coming up on two years already, ugh). Some of the books I have in PDF and the Cisco Networkers PPTs work very nicely.
  • ABC TV's iPad app is going to be very nice for catching up on TV shows....when I have the time that is (see previous bullet).
  • Youtube viewing is also much better, better than on a laptop or PC.
  • And I really want to read some books soon via Apple's iBooks or Amazon's Kindle app.
  • Where is the Facebook app for the iPad? Come on Facebook!
  • Even webpages work very well, like my very long MyYahoo page which has about 30 RSS news feeds I read. It did not work very well at all on the iPhone.

Overall, I am very impressed. I am very happy and looking forward to using it more. (You may have been thinking, "what does this have to do with Cisco, network engineering, telecommunications, etc?"....well...nothing, but hell, I got an iPad, that's my focus this weekend!) :-)

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