How to force an IP-HTTPS connection on a DirectAccess client…

In certain scenarios, like testing, you might want to force a DirectAccess client to use IP-HTTPS. This posting explains how.

Pop quiz hotshot, you’ve got a DirectAccess client on a NAT’ed home network and you want to force it to use IP-HTTPS. What do you do? What do you do?

Err… Well hack the registry and enable Force Tunneling. Granted this should work, but what if I told you there was a better way. Instead, you could use a quick and easy solution that didn’t carry the implications of forcing all your network traffic through a DirectAccess connection. Yup, I’m not selling snake oil. Instead, you should try using netsh to disable Teredo. For example, if you execute the following command:

netsh interface teredo set state disable

You will in fact disable Teredo. Provided that your IP-HTTPS solution is working, the DirectAccess client will then switch over to IP-HTTPS. You can verify this using the following command:

netsh interface httpstunnel show interfaces

Provided that everything is working, you should see something like the following:

Role                       : client
URL                        :
Last Error Code            : 0x0
Interface Status           : IPHTTPS interface active

Now, to re-enable Teredo you would use the following command:

netsh interface teredo set state default

Once executed, your Teredo interface will again be active and things will be as they were before.

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