Change We Can Believe In - The White House Develops Open Source Code

Not to be left out of the open source revolution and showing their own coding chops, the White House not only uses open source, but contributes code back too!

The White House as part of their effort to have the site on an open platform today announced that they have contributed several modules and code they have developed under an open source license back to the Drupal community.

It seems the site is built on Drupal. The folks over there have released several code modules. From the post:

1. Scalability: We're releasing a module called "Context HTTP Headers," which allows site builders to add new metadata to the content they serve.  We use this to tell our servers how to handle specific pages, such as cache this type of page for 15 minutes or that type for 30. A second module that addresses scalability is called "Akamai" and it allows our website to integrate with our Content Delivery Network, Akamai.

2. Communication: Many government agencies have active email programs that they use to communicate with the public about the services they provide. We have a mailing list for the White House, where you can get updates about new content and initiatives. To enable more dynamic emails tailored to users' preferences, we've integrated one of the popular services for government email programs with our CMS in the new module, "GovDelivery".

3. Accessibility: We take very seriously our obligation to make sure is as accessible as possible and are committed to meeting the government accessibility standard, Section 508.  As part of that compliance, we want to make sure all images on our site have the appropriate metadata to make them readable on by screen reading software. To help us meet this, while making it easier to manage the rich photos and video content you see on our site, we've developed "Node Embed."

In an age where we all too often criticize every thing our government does, lets give some credit where credit is due. Now that is change we can believe in. Good for the folks at the White House and good for the open source community!

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