Why do I refuse to buy anything from Apple, because they are evil!

This post is about my thoughts on why Apple has turned to the dark side and is now converting you as well.

I’m sure my Apple loving friends are going to give me a hard time about this post. But, I can’t just simply stand around anymore and watch everyone drink the poison laced Kool-Aid. Come on people, I surely cannot be the only person to see the “Evilness” that now embodies Apple. While I have tried my hardest to stop everyone I know from joining the Apple cult, my desperate pleas often fall on deaf ears. Granted, the people I care about typically already have iPhone earbuds shoved into their ears. But, I still try despite having become the guy at Embarcadero Station holding up the “Macworld 2012 – The World Will End” sign.

Therefore, I’m now falling back on the medium that seems to convey messages and discussions fairly well, a blog post. I might not have a huge following, but surely if I write down my thoughts then maybe others will read my words and take a second look at Apple. Then maybe they will pass what they have read to others, and so on until people just stop loving them. Or, at least that is the dream. :>)

So… how does one paint Apple as being the devil in sheep’s clothing? Well, surely telling everyone that Apple is a drunken alcoholic that likes to stomp on their neighbor’s roses isn’t going to work. While I like to think of the world as a 1950’s suburb that thrives on gossip, we sadly do not live in that sitcom that taught me early American history (you can learn so much from the TV). Instead, the path I have choosen to take is to relate Apple to something that everyone already thinks is evil, Microsoft.


In certain respects, Apple is very hard to compare to Microsoft when it comes to size. After all, their markets are not 100% the same, but they do still compete in a number of areas. So… to compare their size, let’s fall back on market cap. As of this week, Apple had a market cap of ~$235 billion were as Microsoft’s market cap was around ~$275 billion. If you ask me, that is pretty darn close and considering that Apple is forecast to surpass Microsoft this summer in market cap. One might conclude that Apple will be the bigger company.

For years, I have heard Apple lovers lament that Microsoft is evil because of its size. So if size is an indication to how evil a company is, then surely Apple will be more evil once it passes Microsoft?


Yet another bullet point on an Apple lovers' why-Microsoft-is-evil list, is the term “monopoly”. Not to be confused with everyone’s favorite family board game that always descends into back stabbing, shady deals, and a 100 hotels on Baltic Avenue (come on). But, a monopoly is when a single company owns all or nearly all of the market for a given type of product or service. Yup, Microsoft clearly has a monopoly on operating systems (Windows), internet browsers (Internet Explorer), and office suites (Office). I might be missing a market or two, but in the areas mentioned, Microsoft is in clear control and from time to time has abused their power thus making them evil.

Besides MP3 players, Apple really doesn’t have a full monopoly in other markets. However, they do have a lot of momentum and given time, you may see them ascend to controlling the markets for mobile phones, tablets, and various other gadget avenues. However, the question of monopoly or not to monopoly is kind of lame in my opinion. In the end, it’s the actions of the company and that seems to give the perception as to how evil they are. For example, with Microsoft people whined that they locked user’s into a single choice, jacked up prices, and acted predatory in their business practices.

Well folks, is that not how Apple operates? Last time I checked, they maintain a very closed-door policy in relation to their products. From the hardware through to the operating systems and applications they control everything. In fact, if I was on a playground, I’d call this a sandbox that has barbwire with the 5th grade bullies guarding the only entrance. This might not be the only sandbox, but everyone thinks it’s cool and wants to play in it. Apple knows this, and as a result they jack up the prices for everything they sell. Furthermore, Apple like the Microsoft of the 90s is increasingly becoming more and more predatory. For example:

  1. They are suing HTC over their support for Android.
  2. The routinely reject iPhone apps that compete with them like Google Voice, Opera (well finally got approved), Sling, and the list goes on.
  3. They increasingly try to constrain developers more and more. Just look at the revised developer agreement, and the use of private APIs. Granted Microsoft has some of this but until Window Mobile 7 didn’t take the walled garden approach like Apple.
  4. And, I’m sure the list can go on...

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