IE9 sure is faster, but users have mixed reactions

Microsoft released a new technical review of Internet Explore 9 and the reaction from the Twitterverse is mixed.

What more could be said about the new preview of IE9 released today? Apparently a lot. Twitter is probably the best way these days to take the pulse of user world on such commonly used items as browsers. I spent some time scanning through comments ... weeding out the ones that were merely retweeting a news stories and trying to get a sense for what folks think about IE9. Microsoft's browser marketshare has been dwindling steadily in the past twelve months -- even though it still owns the corporate world. Will IE9 win friends and influence people?

After seeing this: I'm *almost* wishing Microsoft would make IE9 for the Mac. Almost. Ball's in your court, WebKit. #fbless than a minute ago via Socialite.appDavid Portela


David Portela is an IT person in São Paulo, Brazil that mostly Tweets about his frustrations with Apple ... so that's score one for IE9.

Wow, #IE9 is under 500 ms on the WebKit SunSpider benchmark!less than a minute ago via DigsbySergejus


Sergejus is an IT developer in Lithuania who describes himself as a passionate about .Net. Put him in the Microsoft fan boy category?

The new IE9 preview includes support for the "DOM ready" (DOMContentLoaded) event and DOM Ranges: than a minute ago via webJohn Resig


Yes, that John Resig, creator of jQuery who currently works for Mozilla. So that's a strong vote of confidence for IE9. Microsoft might have won him over when it bundled jQuery into Visual Studio and announced that it would provide 24/7 support for it. But we still have to name this one as an unbiased "yes" in IE9's favor.

Holy crapz0rs! IE9 Preview 2 with hardware acceleration is f-f-f-fast! Check out the demo video: than a minute ago via TweetDeckPeter Wooley


Peter Wooley is a Web developer at McAfee, so I'd call that another unbiased vote for IE9.

Microsoft refreshes IE9 preview, boosts speed - Making good on a promise two months ago, Microsoft today updated it... than a minute ago via HootSuiteRobert Szewczyk


Robert Szewczyk is an IT guy in Florida, working at Syniverse Technologies, a company that provides services to mobile carriers (a spin off of GTE). Going to call this another unbiased vote for IE9.

Someday over the rainbow IE-bound users will all use IE9 than a minute ago via TwitterrificJohn Lein


John Lein is a Web UX designer and calls himself a "Ruby dabbler." Don't know if Ruby coders are inherently anti-Microsoft given Microsoft's attention to Ruby in the form of IronRuby. His comment was neutral, but it sounds like he feels a little sorry for IE users as if they are trapped and wouldn't use it by choice.

The IE9 standards page is stupid MS is great at convincing itself that its doing a great job.less than a minute ago via Seesmickarlseguin


Karl Seguin is a .Net developer, which could qualify him as a Microsoft fan boy, but clearly he's not buying it when it comes to IE9.

So there you have it in my unscientific poll of the Twitterverse. Five yes votes for IE9, one neutral, and one no. I'd have to say the ayes (IEs) have it.

Posted by Julie Bort

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