Silicon Valley utility offers customers $250,000 for unique energy technology

California utility looking for “exceptionally creative uses of energy technology”

A California utility is offering two, $250,000 rewards to customers that can show off a new technology or technique for saving energy.   

Silicon Valley Power said it will pay grants to customers who implement what it calls "exceptionally creative uses of energy technology."  The group said winners will be paid based on either on a cent per kilowatt-hour or percent of project cost up to a $250,000 limit per customer and a program total $500,000. 

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The requirements for winning include:

  • Demonstrate new products and product applications not yet commercially viable in today's marketplace,
  • Install energy efficient technologies not generally known or widely accepted, yet show potential for successful market growth,
  • Successfully apply energy efficiency solutions in new ways, or
  • Introduce energy efficiency into industries or businesses that are resistant to adopting new technologies or practices.

Many federal and state agencies are now offering grants or rewards for unique energy saving technologies.  

There is s huge push on the federal level for example to build all manner of energy saving technology.  The US Department of Energy recently awarded $106 million for 37 ambitious research projects that could change the way the country uses and produces energy.  Projects included technology that could produce advanced biofuels more efficiently from renewable electricity instead of sunlight; batteries that could make electric vehicles more affordable; and techniques to remove the carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants in a more cost-effective way. 

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