Comcast IPv6 Adoption Monitor

Site gives insight into IPv6 usage

Many of you are already familiar with how Comcast is leading the way with their IPv6 trials and moving forward with their deployment. I am anxiously awaiting the results of this trial and find out how much more native IPv6 traffic will result from having IPv6-capable broadband Internet access. Comcast has recently created an IPv6 Adoption Monitor that gives us insight into the growth of IPv6 usage. This is one of several sources we can look toward for information on the growth of IPv6. It is clear that there is a growth of IPv6 interest.

Comcast is providing the world with statistics on their view of the adoption of IPv6. Their IPv6 Adoption Monitor site provides several statistical measurements on the use of IPv6.

The sight gives you graphs of the following statistics - IPv6 Reachability Among Top 1M+ Web Sites - IPv6 vs. IPv4 content among top 1M+ web sites reachable over both - Relative IPv6 accessibility among top-ranking web sites - IPv4 vs. IPv6 Download Time - IPv4 vs. IPv6 Download Time Normalized to Content Length

Hurricane Electric is another service provider which provides information on the top web sites that are IPv6-capable. Hurricane Electric (known also as HE) provides their Global IPv6 Deployment Progress Report. This report gives information on the Top Websites Running IPv6. Google and Comcast's IPv6-enabled servers show up on this list.

The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) also produced a nice report on IPv6 adoption around the world. It is exciting to see the rising number of IPv6 address allocations and the subsequent rise in IPv6 advertised prefixes.

Earlier this year I made several predictions regarding the growth of IPv6 usage. It seems that a few of those have already come true. I predicted that IPv6 Internet traffic will triple. This really depends on where you measure and if the measurements you are taking include IPv6 packets tunneled within IPv4. Hopefully we will hear the latest news from Arbor Networks regarding what they are seeing. I predicted that IPv6 Internet routes will increase to 3000. Based on Geoff Huston's site we are just about there.


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