Why do I refuse to buy anything from Apple, because they are evil! - Part Two (Updated)

This is part two about my thoughts on why Apple has turned to the dark side and is now converting you as well.


I do not normally answer certain types of comments, but it seems that I have hit a nerve with the Apple fan boys.  Despite what everyone thinks... I'm not a fan boy for anything.  I just happen to work in the Microsoft space.  Therefore if I see something that needs to be called out (like Apple), I make the call.  Therefore a comment calling I shall go!


It seems that I’m not the only person that thinks Apple should get the shaft.  Since posting my rant about not buying Apple products there have been some very interesting developments out on the Intertubes.  Me being me… figured that these developments deserved some comment (at least in my own words).

First up, Nokia continues its push to sue the pants off Apple for patent infringement.  Nokia started down this path last October when it brought a suit against Apple about infringements made in the iPhone.  But now, Nokia has launched another suit over the iPad.  With this new suit, it’s clear that Nokia is very serious about its patent claims.  Of course, the folks at Apple legal are now counter suing Nokia.  

Personally, the fact that Apple is willing to counter sue Nokia just further shows how power crazy it is.  Nokia is not a patent troll.  They are an upstanding technology company that has made it very clear which patents Apple has infringed upon.  Furthermore, it is only asking for Apple to pay its fair share for usage of its technology.  Pretty sure given Apple's bank roll this would be just a drop in the bucket to make this suit just go away.  Nope… not Apple… its actions just further illustrate why the company is evil.

For our second item this evening, I would like to point out that thanks to complaints by Adobe, it looks like the FTC will be looking into Apple’s licensing agreement with iPhone application developers.  This just further proves the point I tried to make about how Apple already is a monopoly that acts very badly.  Granted, Steve’rs did try to explain why Apple still refuses to support Flash.  I must say Steve’rs nice try, you truly deserve a golf clap for that one.  Your passionate serenade about embracing standards truly was a shot heard around the world.  There is just one problem.  You cannot wave off one walled garden (Flash) in the name of standards for yet another walled garden (iPhone OS).  Can’t you see the circular logic?

Anyhow… enough about Apple… I’ve made my point.  Hopefully everyone will realize that they are just like any other big company… Evil.

BTW – to everyone that pointed out that my wife has an iPhone and now an iPad.  I can’t control what my wife buys.  She makes her own money.

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