Nexus 5000 Only Supports 16 EtherChannels

Interesting the Things You Learn Later On

An interesting, and most likely uncritical, factoid popped up this week while our operations team was configuring a set of Nexus 5000 switches for 10GbE connections to blade servers in our DC.

By default, our interface configuration standard for blade centers used port-channels since, in the past, we connected blade centers with 1GbE interfaces, not 10GbE. With 10GbE from blade center switches to N5000s, there was only 1 interface in the port-channel, but we still used the configuration for historical consistency. Until we hit the limit this week. Apparently, the Nexus 5000 only supports 16 EtherChannels (PortChannels): I found this surprising for a few reasons. First, that's not a lot portchannels when you have 52 10GbE ports to design with.

Most portchannels in the 10GbE world will be 2 or 3 interfaces, 4 being very high. That would mean you would run out of portchannels before interfaces. A portchannel to interface ratio on the N5000 is 16:52 or 4:13. Other access-layer Cisco switches have much higher portchannel density:

Switch TypeMax PortChannelsRatio

I suppose Cisco's thinking with a 10GbE switch was EtherChannels would only be used for uplinks, thus requiring a fewer amount as compared to 1GbE switches which may need to create more portchannels for connections to hosts. Finally, if more than one interface is used as a downlink on the N5000 to a Nexus 2000 FEX, those port channels would be included in the limitation. Having more than one 10GbE uplink out of a FEX in a portchannel on the N5000 is not out of the ordinary. All-in-all, I don't see this as a huge issue. 16 portchannels will be more than enough for the time being. Just interesting what you learn later on. I wonder if this is a software limitation or a hardware/ASIC limitation?

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