Migrating from Sun to Novell

Novell offers to give you free licenses if you switch from Sun/Oracle.

The industry is abuzz because of Oracle’s tightening on licensing for Sun products. (Read the press release from Oracle about their Sun acquisition.) Indeed, several of our own clients are pretty upset about the heavy-handed push by Oracle to force users of Sun products into expensive license purchases, especially for those that relied heavily on Sun’s relatively open licenses on some products, such as those for Sun Directory Server (DSEE) and Sun OpenSSO.

Novell has made a great move: If you own licenses for Sun software, such as Sun IM, you can swap those licenses, for free, for Novell licenses. All you pay is maintenance.

Smart move.

The real fear for many of our clients, and for you in the field, is not just the current upfront costs, but the long-term costs associated with being aligned with Oracle products.

Has Oracle pretty much destroyed the value of Sun? And are they destroying the market they acquired with the Sun purchase with heavy handed tactics?


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