Stephen Colbert gets Microsoft's Bing to donate $100,000 to oil spill charity

Colberts gets the ten grand while never mentioning that Bing belongs to "Microsoft"

Comic Stephen Colbert struck a bargain with Microsoft's Bing. Microsoft agreed to donate $2,500 for each time he mentioned the word "Bing" in his show Monday night. Not a problem for Colbert -- the master of slipping promotional items -- real and ficticious -- into his nightly news spoof comedy show. Funny thing is, Colbert, a notorious Apple lover, managed to mention Apple's new 4G iPhone at the top of the hour (did he get paid for that, as was speculated about his preview of the iPad during the Grammy Awards?), and to mention Google -- but never said the word "Microsoft" throughout the show.

He did, however, give the Bing search engine the Colbert Bump, in his hilarious, biting way, "Bing is a great Website for doing Internet searches. I know that, because I Googled it," he said.

Total donation by Microsoft for the evening? $100,000. Proceeds will go to the Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund and managed by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. "I don't think we can call it the Gulf of Mexico anymore; we broke it, we bought it."

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