Has Facebook had its fill of faulty Twitter comparisons?

Twitter’s 2 billion tweets a month still don’t stack up to all the activity on Facebook

Maybe there's no real connection here, but word out today that Twitter has reached a new activity milestone - two billion tweets per month - led me to notice that a somewhat similar (though misleading)  measuring stick has apparently gone missing from Facebook's statistics page.

What's missing is Facebook's tally of the number of "status updates" recorded by its users.

The possible connection? Media types (such as but not including yours truly) have taken to using the two statistics - tweets on Twitter and status updates on Facebook - as a way to compare the levels of user activity on the two sites.     

It's always been a bogus comparison, in my opinion, and I'm speculating here that the folks at Facebook may have come to the same conclusion. I say it's bogus because tweets are all there is to do on Twitter, while Facebook offers a multitude of functions beyond the status update that generate a boatload of user activity, much of it more involved and time-consuming than a 140-character tweet.

Of course, none of this quibbling is intended to denigrate the truly remarkable growth of Twitter traffic. Those two billion tweets a month represent a doubling of such chatter in a mere six months, according to Pingdom, a Web site performance monitoring company. From a Pingdom blog post:

Twitter saw the following numbers in May: 64 million tweets per day; 2.7 million tweets per hour; 44,481 tweets per minute; and 741 tweets per second.

Maybe Twitter won't quite be able to reach the almost 6 billion tweets per month we've predicted for the end of the year, but it's clear that the Twitter platform is still growing at a healthy pace. Close to doubling the volume of monthly tweets in the last six months is no small feat.

True enough, but its hasn't exactly closed the usage gap with Facebook, either, unless all you want to consider as Facebook "volume" is status updates. Facebook had been making that comparison easy by reporting on its statistics page that its users produced 60 million status updates daily, which you'll note is right in the same ballpark as Twitter's daily output of tweets in May.

However, the current version of Facebook's stats page mentions nary a word of status updates and instead offers this nugget:  "More than 25 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) (are) shared each month" on Facebook.

I don't know whether that figure includes status updates or not, but I do know that 25 billion pieces of content shared trumps 2 million tweets tweeted.

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