Top 6 IT skills employers are looking for

6 hot and sought after IT skills

Last month Dark Reading posted an article by Kelly Higgins on Six Hot and Sought-After IT Security Skills. Based on interviews with hiring managers from recruitment firms, the IT security job market is booming and here are the top six skills employers are looking for: 1. Incident-handling/response 2. Compliance know-how 3. Risk management 4. Business acumen 5. Government security clearance 6. Leadership experience I find this interesting in that several articles I have read recently state that employers are no longer looking for the alphabet soup behind a candidate’s name. Instead they are looking for the real-life skills and business knowledge a candidate can bring to their organization. I have enough industry certifications to probably fill two lines if I would list them all. I rarely use them with my name and my business cards list what I deem the three most important. Perhaps it’s because as our experience grows we can stand more on experience than letters behind our name. Perhaps it’s because they have been overused. One trend I have been seeing is that candidates now not only list their certifications after their name, they list their college degrees and any organizations of which they are a member. For example, Joe Black, Masters of Science, Information Systems, Bachelors of Science, Network Engineering, MCSA, MCSE NT/2000/ 2003, IEM, IAM, Network +, A+, MCT, or Joe Black, A+, Net+, ISSA, ISACA, A.A, business. Yes, we should all be proud of our accomplishments, but it’s no wonder employers are no longer impressed by the letters after our names. Certifications are an important part of our industry. Due to mandates, certifications are required for positions such as those doing work for the government. How we showcase what skills we garnered from those certifications is just as important. Certification is by no means the be-all, end-all. Being able to bring real-world experience to an organization is just as important. According to David Bump, portfolio manager for security certifications for Cisco Systems' Learning@Cisco program, we're moving more from certification on products to certification on job roles. He may be on to something.

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