The CCIE Party at Networkers Has Big Potential This Year

This is a Party Cisco Needs to Do Right Each Year

What can I say? I like a good CCIE party when I go to Networkers. Before my first Networkers in 2005, I got a simple e-mail about the CCIE party which would be during the customer appreciation event. Given the simplicity of the e-mail, I was expecting a separate section of the overall customer appreciation event. Probably get a T-shirt and meet some people; nothing exciting. Boy, was I wrong. So, during the Networkers 2005 customer appreciation event, I saw the sign for the CCIE party. Expecting just another room at the Palms (and my T-shirt), I checked in. Next thing I know, I'm shooting up 55 floors to the Ghost Bar on the roof of the Palms.

All I can say is "wow". That was a night. My buddy - not a CCIE - called me around 10 PM asking if I wanted to meet back at the regular customer appreciation event. I think my response was, "ummm, yeah, sorry dude, I'm not leaving this place".

The following year - in Vegas also - the CCIE party was not the same, at the Hard Rock Cafe. But, hey, they still had one. Inexplicitly, the party was missing in 2007 in Anaheim. I used this blog to demand a return of the party in 2007 in Orlando, and the party returned at the NASCAR Sports Grille. It was nice to have it back, but it was still not the Ghost Bar. I think I left around 10PM from that party in Orlando.

Which brings me to this year. I got the CCIE Party e-mail last week and this year, again in Vegas, it's at the VooDoo Lounge at the Rio.

Now we're talkin'! This has potential. A high-rise night club looking out over all of Las Vegas. Niiiiice! If you're a CCIE or CCDE and haven't received the invite, e-mail See you there!

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