Studying the Role of Microsoft and Novell

Microsoft continues to imply an IP issue with open source.

Microsoft Canada has a case study out on a Proof of Concept (POC) they did with Novell for a client. Essentially, Microsoft and Novell teamed up to do a POC with Hyper-V and SuSE Linux. (I actually just spoke a bit about Hyper-V and Linux here.)

From a technology standpoint, I don’t see too much groundbreaking work here. Doing a physical to virtual (P2V) of Microsoft and Linux operating systems and applications is nothing new, move along. But what I do find fascinating is the continued push that the Microsoft/Novell partnership is more about IP protection than anything else.

Here is a quote from the case study: “The organization has intellectual property (IP) peace of mind from the commitment Microsoft and Novell have made to bridge the gap between open source and proprietary software.”



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