Dell backtracks slightly on Ubuntu safety

Dell's Ubuntu page looks a wee bit different than it did yesterday.

In a move that probably shocks no one, Dell has removed a statement that Ubuntu is more secure than Microsoft Windows from its website.

Given that Dell sells computers pre-loaded with Windows, one might imagine the company came under a wee bit of pressure from the software maker. As I reported yesterday, in Dell's Top Ten things you should know about Ubuntu, No. 6 was

Ubuntu is safer than Microsoft®  Windows® 

The vast majority of viruses and spyware written by hackers are not designed to target and attack Linux.

Here's a link to the cached page and here's a photo of the cached page:

Today, No. 6 simply says:

Ubuntu is secure

According to industry reports, Ubuntu is unaffected by the vast majority of viruses and spyware.

I put a call in to the Dell media relations folks an hour or two ago and I'll update once (not if - I'm nothing if not an optimist) I hear back from them.

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