Cisco LIVE! 2010

Are you going to the big dance?

Bowling shirts...check, obscure reference T-shirts...check, all 16 episodes of Firefly on Blue Ray...check! All right who is heading out to Cisco Live this year in Vegas? This is Cisco's premier geek event for folks like us. Great training, cool announcements and normally some good music in the evening. Robb and I are packing up our stuff (separately...but we do share the same calf-high sports striped tube socks) and making tracks west. We used to go to a bunch of events like RSA, Voice Con, EMC World, etc... but we narrowed it down to one major show and that is Cisco Live. We get to see more folks, we get great feedback and recommendations for future shows and Cisco really goes all out on this one. It's an environment great for geeks wanting to trade info, hang out and score some cool freebies. We plan on taping two shows on the floor this time. An IOS episode and a Data Center episode. I am mega jammed for both of these shows because the content is really solid. It's not a "Hey I am at Cisco Live..." gooberific show like something on G4 where we giggle and show you the sites of Vegas. Nope, we are digging into the meat and tators of some cool stuff and taking advantage of having access to so many top level Cisco folks trapped in a small space. Muuuhaaahhahahahahah! If you see us out messing around, stop by and say Hey Dude! I would love to chat with y'all about anything! Even better, if you see me shoveling food in my face, say hey and I'll buy you beer. I have Robb's AMEX cloned! Like any good engineer, I need to finish up my research on Vegas. Now where did I put that Hangover DVD.... Vegas Baby! (sorry that is required by law) Jimmy Ray Purser Trivia File Transfer Protocol The original transistor built by Bell Labs in 1947 could be held in your hand, while hundreds of Intel’s 45nm transistor can fit on the surface of a single red blood cell.


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