Flash on your iPhone or iPad? Maybe soon thanks to open source

OK it won't be over Steve Jobs dead body, but some open source developers are working on a way to get Flash on your iDevice. It may not be worth it though

OK, you may have to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad (I nor Network World endorse jail breaking BTW), add some Android libraries and do a little more tweaking, but you could get Flash on your iDevice soon. At least according to some open source developers who are working on this very thing.

The new open source project is called frash. It is posted and hosted on the Github site. Right now it is only an early beta and doesn't work great. But the developers are looking for some help in finally bringing this to an iPhone near you.  You can see all of the present requirements on the site. It is not for weak of heart or mind. In fact I am pretty sure that most of you reading this would not even attempt it.  But if you feel adventurous, give it a twhirl.

Personally, as much as I would like to see Flash on my new iPhone 4 (yes I am dropping calls like mad due to the cheekiness issue) and as much as I resent Apple playing big brother and deciding I don't need Flash, I just don't see flash content compelling enough for me to jump through these hoops.

At the end of the day that is the real issue with all of this freedom we want around what software we run, what sites we can visit and what we can see.  Freedom comes with a price (back to my 4th of July story). That price is often more than we are willing to pay.  

In this case while the open source developers are doing something I support. Namely making it possible to view Flash on apple devices, the trouble of making it work is just too great for me to join in.

What about you?  Would you do this so you can view flash on your iPad or iPhone? Is it worth it? Should we just wait for HTML 5?  I would like to know.

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