Zenoss net management tool watches over Cisco UCS

The open source version of Zenoss doesn't support UCS, but the commercial version does.

Zenoss has updated its popular open core network monitoring tool to cover Cisco's 1-year-old Unified Computing System (UCS). Zenoss Enterprise 3.0 also added support for NetApp and beefed up its support for VMware. Zenoss is billing the new tool as a better way to track hardware/software dependencies even as network managers use more virtualization and move services to the cloud.

Zenoss is watchiing UCS
Zenoss thinks that the Enterprise 3.0 version works so well with UCS, it deserves its own catch-phrase: "business to blade." Cute.

Cisco positions UCS as a different kind of server, one that more tightly integrates server, network, storage and virtualization, allowing users to dynamically move workloads across thousands of processor cores or across various network connections. By integrating with the UCS API, Zenoss says it is able to offer real-time stats and views on performance, availability, and event management. It also tracks configuration and workload dependencies. And it can track all of this as workloads straddle physical and virtual configurations.

I was at first interested in Zenoss' support of UCS because the Zenoss team also offers an extremely popular open source project. But the Enterprise 3.0 version isn't exactly open source -- it's open core, meaning not all the code is available to users. (There's a lot of debate over if open core is a good idea or if it undermines the true nature of open source. I tend to lean toward the latter, though I can understand the argument in favor of the former.)

The FOSS version is available under the GPL and is hosted on SourceForge.com. It is downloaded about 6,500 times a week. But alas, the FOSS project, Zenoss Core Version 2.5.2, which was last updated in March, doesn't include the nifty new support of UCS that became available last week in the newly released commercial version. According to an article by Internet.com, Zenoss isn't planning on adding the UCS capabilities to the FOSS version. However, 2.5.2 does support VMware.

That said Enterprise 3.0 has beefed up VMware support to the next level, too, its makers say. It now has automatic discovery and inventory of VMware infrastructure components, including virtual machines, ESX servers, clusters and data stores, and can track VMs even when they move around.

Zenoss Enterprise 3.0 will be available sometime this month and can be purchased from three annual subscription pricing plans, dependent on the number of resources the tool manages.

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