Old Spice's Twitter stud rides off into sunset

Old Spice's newfangled pitchman makes mark on Twitter, YouTube, bids farewall

The Old Spice stud in the shower who has taken the social media world by storm this week with his quick turnaround YouTube video replies to Twitter follower questions has posted what appears to be his final Tweet.

Why do I somehow not believe it will be his last?

The suave and debonair and "ridiculously handsome" Old Spice guy (played by an ex-football player named Isaiah Mustafa) Tweeted this morning: "Well friends, like all great things this too must end" and posted this video, which features a chainsaw, championship medals and a falling fish.

It''s hard to believe that Old Spice, with a marketing campaign that has been almost universally praised, would want to give it up at its peak. After all, the Old Spice man has attracted more than 60,000 Twitter followeers.  But maybe that's the true sign of this project's brilliance, that the company knows when to say when.

Who knows, maybe Old Spice taking a break will give Apple the opening it needs to exploit social media to address mounting concerns about the iPhone 4 and its wacky antenna. The company's head of iPhone software, Scott Forstall, joined Twitter this week and has gained more than 28,000 followers. Though he's yet to make a peep (or Tweet) on the account yet.

Word is that Apple is planning a press conference Friday.

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