Cisco tops in IPS: survey

User perception query finds leadership in revenue share, brand recognition

Cisco is the "top dog" in a recent customer survey of the leading Intrusion Prevention System vendors conducted by Infonetics Research. The June survey queried IPS buyers at 105 US and Canadian companies with at least 100 employees.

The survey found Cisco to be the undisputed leader in IPS revenue share and brand awareness. Infonetics expects Cisco to retain its lead over the next two years "as long they remain interested in offering pure IPS solutions," noted Infonetics analyst Jeff Wilson.

Cisco's top competitors in the market include McAfee, IBM ISS, SourceFire and HP's TippingPoint business, obtained from HP's recent acquisition of 3Com.

Infonetics forecasts the IPS market to grow to just over $1.2 billion in 2014 from $800 million in 2009, which is only a CAGR of less than 8.5%. And the firm found that many respondents are still unsure which vendors they will select for their IPS products, leaving room for challengers to Cisco's lead.

Nonetheless, 38% named Cisco when asked which IPS manufacturers they consider to be the top three. Probably not much of a stretch there, in any networking market.

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